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Wednesday, 23 March 2005

 Launch Services Alliance announces Paradigm contract
 Delay of the day: Sinosat 2
 Lockheed to build, Arianespace to launch AMC-18
 EMS RF control hardware for DirecTV satellites
 Energia to provide ATV components
 PFI SATCOM enters service with UK Armed Forces
 SES Astra creates technical services subsidiary
 Greece becomes 16th ESA Member State
 JAXA should learn from mistakes - report
 SkyVision first customer on Astra 4A
 XipLink enhances Alcatel gateways
 Raytheon achieves two SATCOM milestones
 Efficient Channel Coding demos iSatLite
 Telenor Satellite, Sky Catcher enter broadband service agreement
 Teleglobe launches African DVB/IP platform
 Iridium to launch new data modem in 2005
 Teal sees growing number of launches in 2005
 XM becomes Hyundai's standard radio
 * NASA to limit shuttle viewing areas
 * Public-safety risk decides NASA site for dicey landings
 * NASA will limit launch crowds
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