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Monday, 3 November 2003

 China launches recoverable satellite
 ILS/Lockheed Martin Atlas V gets go-ahead for second Air Force EELV mission
 Proton-K launch campaign started
 GAO report: SBIRS High still in for cost overruns and delays
 Raytheon gets GBS contract extension
 L-3 Communications sells Celerity Systems for US$10.25 million
 Orbimage reorganisation plan confirmed
 FCC declares CAI's Ka-band license null and void
 Landsat 7 still useful despite failure, USGS says
 Sun stays active, sends another CME
 Pad Abort Demonstration (PAD) stable in tests
 * Arianespace Transfers DirecTV Satellite Launch To Sea Launch
 * Satellite declared lost after it fails to reply
 * Secrecy vexes Sino-US space ties
 * China and India back EU's space race against US
 * Is new lunar mission pie in sky?
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