Galaxy 10R

PanAmSat said that on 3 August 2004 "the secondary XIPS on Galaxy 10R experienced an unexpected shutdown, and we have not been able to restart the system. This event has not affected service to any of our customers. The primary XIPS on this satellite had previously failed. The satellite is operating normally on its backup bi-propellant propulsion system. The manufacturer has determined that the secondary XIPS system has permanently failed. In the absence of the secondary XIPS, this satellite can operate normally on its available bi-propellant fuel for over three years.

"We do not expect this event to affect service to our customers or to affect revenues from the customers on this satellite over the remaining life of the satellite. As a result, there should be no material impact on services, revenues or operations. In addition, we do not believe that this event will affect our contracted backlog because the remaining fuel for the backup bi-propellant propulsion system should provide ample time to seamlessly transition customers to a new or replacement satellite and substantially all of our customer contracts would continue in effect on their terms on such new or replacement satellite. "

PanAmSat press release

Last updated: 07 Aug 2004