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Articles in our archive

21 Jan 2020Capella Space unveils advanced satellite design
27 Nov 2019ISRO launches most advanced Indian imaging satellite so far
21 Nov 2019Delay of the day: PSLV/Cartosat-3
19 Nov 2019Next PSLV launch scheduled for 25 November
17 Sep 2019Ball Aerospace, Microsoft to demo cloud processing for USAF
08 Jul 2019Airbus to develop CO3D Earth observation programme for CNES
05 May 2019Rocket Lab launches three research satellites for U.S. Air Force
19 Dec 2018Soyuz lofts French military imaging satellite
25 Sep 2018Boeing completes acquisition of Millennium Space Systems
16 Aug 2018Boeing to acquire Millennium Space Systems
16 Jul 2018LockMart to help UK Space Agency build 1st commercial spaceport
12 Sep 2017Airbus working on successor for Pleiades constellation
14 Jun 2017Boeing to restructure Defense, Space & Security
31 Mar 2017'Used' Falcon 9 launches SES-10
16 Jan 2017Airbus Defence and Space ships SES-10 to launch site
15 Sep 2016Airbus DS to build, launch new optical imaging satellites
06 Jul 2016Thales Alenia Space sets up Innovation Cluster
16 Dec 2015PerúSAT-1 takes shape in Airbus Defence and Space's cleanrooms
01 Dec 2015Three founders leave XCOR and start Agile Aero
14 Sep 2015Hellas-Sat-4/SaudiGeoSat-1 based on modernised A2100 platform
08 May 2015Kratos awarded contracts to support Thaicom 8 satellite
09 Mar 2015Eutelsat 8 West B in final stretch of manufacturing
09 Dec 2014ADS, TAS to build Falcon Eye EO satellites for UAE
30 Jun 2014India launches French observation satellite
23 Jun 2014SPOT 7 pre-launch details
21 May 2014OmniEarth announces partnership to create global satellite constellation
27 Feb 2014EADS (Astrium) results 2013
20 Feb 2014ADS to build, SpaceX to launch SES-10
23 Sep 2013SSTL introduces next-generation satellite platform
24 Jun 2013RapidEye secures enhanced downlink support for Australia and Far-East
21 Mar 2013Harris, NOAA launch weather satellite operations new reporting and tracking tool
19 Mar 2013ViviSat announces hosted payload capability on Mission Extension Vehicle
27 Feb 2013EADS (Astrium) results 2012
15 Jan 2013Pleiades 1B captures its first images of Earth using e2v sensors
15 Jan 2013New Eutelsat bird to be more jam-resistant, offer increased performance
07 Jan 2013ATK awarded study contract from USAF network centric weather satellite programme
02 Dec 2012Soyuz lifts off after 24-hour delay, launches Pléiades 1B
19 Nov 2012Lockheed Martin to demonstrate key component of tactical MILSATCOM system
08 Nov 2012EADS (Astrium) results 9M 2012
15 Oct 2012Astrium gives Eric Béranger and Evert Dudok new roles
10 Sep 2012Hispasat chooses Arianespace to launch its Amazonas 4A and AG1 satellites
03 Aug 2012India to launch five more satellites in 2012
30 Jul 2012ATK extends range of satellite buses
23 Jul 2012Astrium's SPOT 6 ready for launch campaign
16 May 2012EADS (Astrium) results Q1 2012
01 May 2012Upcoming commercial PSLV launches
08 Mar 2012EADS (Astrium) results 2011
28 Sep 2011First images from Nigeriasat-2
15 Aug 2011Nigeriasat-2 pre-launch details
29 Jul 2011EADS (Astrium) results H1 2011
13 May 2011EADS (Astrium) results Q1 2011
17 Mar 2011Satellite launch in India torpedoes Italy-U.S. relations
09 Mar 2011EADS (Astrium) results 2010
28 Oct 2010Lockheed Martin completes system testing for AEHF satcom services
28 Sep 2010Andrews Space to develop imaging nanosatellite for U.S. Army
20 Aug 2010DARPA refocuses its System F6
11 Aug 2010COSGC, Lockheed Martin to develop CubeSat
20 Jul 2010SSTL kicks off small satellite for Kazakhstan
12 Jul 2010Indian PSLV launches five satellites
27 Apr 2010Cartosat-2B to be launched on 9 May
27 Feb 2009SBIRS GEO-2 payload completes thermal vacuum testing
18 Dec 2008Lockheed Martin, Thales Alenia Space to co-operate on radar satellites
03 Dec 2008India plans to develop small launcher
25 Aug 2008Antrix wins two commercial launch contracts
24 Apr 2008Cartosat-2 pre-launch details
22 Jan 2008Thales Alenia Space sums up 2007 developments
21 Jan 2008India launches Israeli spy satellite; mysteries remain
15 Oct 2007WorldView 1 snaps first photos
18 Sep 2007Most advanced commercial spysat launched by Delta II
25 Apr 2007PSLV to launch Israeli spy satellite next August, report
24 Apr 2007'It was a difficult orbit to achieve, hence premium charges'
23 Apr 2007Indian rocket successfully launches Italian satellite
11 Apr 2007Launch updates
30 Mar 2007ISRO to launch Italian satellite, to look at galaxies
19 Mar 2007India to launch 1st foreign satellite in April
14 Feb 2007Delayed Indian weather satellites now expected to launch 2008
29 Jun 2006t/Space expands team for COTS competition
02 Jan 2006India wants more of satellite launch market
11 Oct 2005SI International to support U.S. milsats
07 Oct 2005DigitalGlobe announces WorldView satellite details
06 Oct 2005CPS, LogicaCMG to co-operate in AGILE project
24 Aug 2005Three PSLV launch contracts signed
20 Apr 2005ISRO reports strong growth in commercial activities
30 Mar 2005ViaSat upgrades product lifecycle management
26 Feb 2005PSLV to launch an Italian satellite: ISRO
10 Jan 2005Japan plans more agile spy satellite
04 Oct 2004AGILE to be launched by PSLV
23 Sep 2004New space telescope will watch powerful cosmic blasts
26 Feb 2004Northrop demonstrates capabilities of Downlink Phased Array Antenna
22 Jan 2004Northrop Grumman receives MILSATCOM network study contract
12 Jan 2004Saab Ericsson Space wins order for command and data handling system
03 Dec 2003Northrop Grumman/Raytheon win KEI contract
04 Sep 2003Northrop opens new facility for phased array antennas
06 Aug 2003SpaceDev completes hybrid motor tests
02 Jun 2003Three SSTL DMC spacecraft complete pre-flight tests
18 Mar 2003NASA funds investigations into advanced IT for satellites
11 Dec 2002Rockwell Scientific to develop technology for high-frequency transmitters
14 Aug 2002Nulling antennas from EMS for Milstar-F5
28 Aug 2001New Nahuelsat web design
13 May 1999TRW delivers Milstar payload
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