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Articles in our archive

13 Jun 2019Japan mulls early warning satellites
28 Nov 2014Daichi 2 operational
26 May 2014Japan launches new Earth observation satellite
22 May 2014ALOS-2 launch date confirmed
01 May 2014L-band SAR Satellite May Help JAXA's New Military Job
14 Mar 2014ALOS-2 launch date set
22 Mar 2013Mitsubishi Electric completes expansion of satellite production facility
10 Apr 2012ESA and JAXA sign Astro-H agreement
19 Jul 2011Workshop: pooled satellite data for maritime surveillance
12 May 2011ALOS \"Daichi\" declared lost
22 Apr 2011Japanese Earth observation satellite loses power
12 Apr 2010JAXA shares ALOS data with NASA
11 Jun 2008TDRS receives data from Japan's Daichi EO satellite
10 Jan 2008Japanese imaging satellite 'useless' for mapping, report
10 Apr 2007Daichi uses backup system for transmissions to relay satellite
25 Oct 2006RESTEC sells satellite images at cut-rate price
24 Oct 2006News in brief
18 May 2006ESA receives ALOS images
17 Feb 2006Daichi instruments successfully tested
07 Feb 2006Daichi launch a triumph for JAXA engineer
01 Feb 2006Dates for next Japanese launches set
31 Jan 2006ALOS has data transmission problem
30 Jan 2006We hope Daichi proves its usefulness
30 Jan 2006Computer glitch briefly puts ALOS in safe mode
26 Jan 2006Daichi antenna deployment completed
25 Jan 2006Daichi deploys antenna
24 Jan 2006Eighth H-IIA puts ALOS 'Daichi' into orbit
23 Jan 2006ALOS launch rescheduled
19 Jan 2006Bad weather further delays ALOS launch
18 Jan 2006Delay of the day II: ALOS/H-IIA
30 Nov 2005ALOS launch scheduled for 19 January
22 Jul 2005Delay of the day: ALOS
24 May 2005JAXA expects ALOS launch in September
26 Feb 2005H-IIA successfully returns to flight with MTSAT-1R launch
25 Feb 2003Kodama 1 successfully relays Midori II data
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