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17 Oct 2018Hispamar, Gilat launch satellite-based broadband service in Brazil
05 Aug 2018Hispasat and Gilat to commercialise HTS capacity of Amazonas 3 and 5
11 Oct 2017Russia may sign 4 commercial Proton contracts in 2019
12 Sep 2017Proton M lofts Amazonas 5 for Hispasat
08 Sep 2017Amazonas 5 pre-launch details
21 Aug 2017Launch vehicle for Amazonas 5 arrives at Baikonur
15 Aug 2017Amazonas 5 launch may be delayed - report
10 Aug 2017Amazonas 5 arrives at Baikonur
01 Feb 2016Indra to expand Hispasat ground segment
14 Sep 2015SpaceX signs launch contracts with Hispasat, Arabsat
14 Sep 2015ILS announces Proton launch for Hispasat in 2017
26 Mar 2015EDC provides €140 million financing for Amazonas 5
05 Dec 2014Hispasat cancels Amazonas 4B, orders Amazonas 5 from SSL
22 Apr 2014Amazonas 4A problem permanent; other satellites not affected
17 Apr 2014Orbital Sciences Corp. results Q1 2014
15 Apr 2014Amazonas 4A anomaly under investigation
23 Mar 2014Ariane 5 launches Astra 5B, Amazonas 4A
20 Mar 2014Delay of the day: Ariane 5 ECA/Astra 5B/Amazonas 4A
19 Mar 2014Astra 5B/Amazonas 4A pre-launch details
14 Mar 2014Astra 5B moved to Final Assembly Building at Kourou
24 Feb 2014Arianespace Flight VA216 set for 21 March 2014
14 Feb 2014Delay of the day: Ariane 5 (Amazonas 4A, Astra 5B)
06 Feb 2014Ariane 5 launches ABS-2, Athena-Fidus after short delay
14 Jan 2014Arianespace Flight VA217 delayed to 6 February 2014
07 Jan 2014Arianespace aims at new record in 2014
19 Dec 2013Soyuz launches Gaia
13 Nov 2013Delay of the day: Amazonas 4A, Astra 5B
29 Oct 2013Arianespace adjusts dates of next two launches
28 Oct 2013Amazonas 4A launch mass
25 Oct 2013Ariane 5 arrives at Final Assembly Building for payload installation
02 Oct 2013Next Ariane 5 launcher under construction
21 Feb 2013Amazonas 3 starts in-orbit testing
08 Feb 2013Update: First Ariane 5 launch in 2013 successful
07 Feb 2013First Ariane 5 launch in 2013 successful
06 Feb 2013Amazonas-3, Azerspace/Africasat-1a pre-launch details
24 Jan 2013Next Ariane 5 is ready for installation of its two payloads
21 Jan 2013Ex-Im approves US$87.1 million guarantee to finance Amazonas-4A
16 Jan 2013Azerspace/Africasat-1a prepared for first Ariane 5 launch in 2013
14 Jan 2013Amazonas 3 arrives for Arianespace's year-opening Ariane 5 launch
09 Jan 2013Arianespace plans 12 missions this year
19 Dec 2012Arinespace's 10th and final launch in 2012 successful
12 Dec 2012Arianespace's first Ariane 5 for launch in 2013 marks preparation milestone
11 Dec 2012Amazonas 3 nearing end of test phase
10 Sep 2012Hispasat chooses Arianespace to launch its Amazonas 4A and AG1 satellites
03 Aug 2012Indra to implement ground control systems for Amazonas-3
25 Jun 2012Hispasat, Orbital sign contract for two new Amazonas satellites
24 Apr 2012Hispasat reports revenue growth in 2011
07 Sep 2011Arianespace to launch Amazonas-3 for Hispasat
21 Apr 2011'New Winds' on Amazonas-2
14 Jul 2010Abertis Bid Could Impact Hispasat, Eutelsat
06 Jul 2010Hispasat orders Amazonas 3 from SS/L
19 Jan 2010EADS Astrium sums up 2009
13 Jan 2010NewCom teams with Hispamar to roll out Amazonas-2 services
16 Nov 2009EADS (Astrium) results 9m 2009
02 Oct 2009Update: Ariane 5 launches Spanish, German satellites
01 Oct 2009Ariane 5 launches Spanish, German satellites
30 Sep 2009Delay of the day: Amazonas 2, SATCOMBw 2a
28 Sep 2009Amazonas-2, SATCOMBw-2a pre-launch details
23 Sep 2009AmerHis-2 soon to fly aboard Amazonas-2
22 Sep 2009Next Ariane 5 receives payloads
04 Sep 2009SATCOMBw-2a readied for Ariane 5 launch
02 Sep 2009Fifth Ariane 5 for launch in 2009 received by Arianespace
31 Aug 2009Amazonas 2 delivered to Spaceport
04 Aug 2009Initial assembly is completed for the fifth Ariane 5 of 2009
23 Mar 2009Hispasat upgrades to SAT Corporation's MonicsNet
03 Feb 2009Arianespace to launch Hispasat 1E
24 Sep 2008JSC ISS signs battery contract with SAFT
12 May 2008Pyrovalve blamed for life-shortening leak aboard Amazonas 1
22 Jan 2008Thales Alenia Space sums up 2007 developments
31 Dec 2007Recently launched pan-African satellite has helium leak
13 Dec 2007Arianespace to launch Amazonas-2 for Hispasat
28 Aug 2007MDA solutions for three new comsats
06 Jun 2007Astrium to build Hispasat's second American satellite
22 Nov 2006AmerHis implementation completed
11 May 2006Hispasat results 2005
14 Oct 2005Ariane launches Syracuse 3A and Galaxy 15
10 Sep 2005Ar-Sat: Argentina in a hurry to find investors and gapfiller
02 Aug 2005Analysis: Argentina to go ahead with Ar-Sat, looking for gap-filler
13 Jun 2005Alcatel makes first live demonstration of the AmerHis system
21 Dec 2004AmerHis in-orbit tests successful
18 Nov 2004Amazonas enters commercial service
31 Aug 2004Pressure drop may shorten Amazonas' life
11 Aug 2004Li-ion batteries slowly conquer space
05 Aug 2004Hispasat's Amazonas launched by Proton M
28 Jul 2004Amazonas pre-launch details
29 Jun 2004Amazonas satellite shipped to Baikonur
17 Jun 2004Proton lofts Mega-Intelsat
02 Apr 2004Hispamar to launch US$350mn satellite in July
23 Feb 2004Saab Ericsson Space wins Hotbird 8, Worldsat 3 contracts
06 Jan 2004\"European\" launches 2004
26 Nov 2003Nera, Hispamar to offer broadband via satellite in Latin America
09 Sep 2003Proton to loft Hispasat's Amazonas
08 Jul 2003Arianespace to purge order book, reports
10 Apr 2003Hispasat Confident Of Spanish Victory Over Astra
10 Feb 2003EADS performs as expected, space business weak
15 Oct 2002Indra to deliver Amazonas ground control equipment
15 Oct 2002Alcatel Espacio receives AmerHis contract
10 Oct 2002AmerHis agreement signed
31 Jul 2002How low can you go?
04 Apr 2002atrexx to market Hispasat capacity
18 Jan 2002EADS buys five-percent stake in Hispasat
24 Dec 2001Astrium to build Amazonas
03 Aug 2001Eutelsat anuncia compra 21 percent Hispasat
01 Jun 2001Amazonas 1: the usual suspects
14 May 2001Telemar looking for gapfiller
02 May 2001Amazonas 1 tender next September
19 Mar 2001Hispasat receives approval for Amazonas 1
09 Feb 2001Amazonas 1
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