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Recorded names for this satellite (28154)

AMC 10GE 10


Articles in our archive

24 Jul 2015SES S.A. results H1 2015
16 Apr 2013iN DEMAND renews capacity deal with SES
01 Mar 2007SATCOM C-4 put in graveyard orbit
01 Feb 2007AMC-18 declared operational
10 Apr 2006News in brief
08 Sep 2005SES Americom to deliver all U.S. networks for Discovery
19 Jul 2005Videogame TV on AMC-10
09 May 2005SES Global SA results Q1 2005
04 Apr 2005Americom, Comcast offer HDTV services
31 Mar 2005iN DEMAND moves HD and VOD distribution to SES Americom
23 Mar 2005Lockheed to build, Arianespace to launch AMC-18
13 Dec 2004AMC 16 pre-launch details
05 Nov 2004SES Americom initiates service on AMC-11
11 Oct 2004AMC-15 pre-launch details
29 Jul 2004Start-up channels distributed via AMC-10
13 Jul 2004AMC-11 completes in-orbit testing
17 May 2004Scripps purchases more capacity in HD-Prime neighbourhood
13 May 2004AMC-11 pre-launch details
12 May 2004AMC-16 shifted from Proton to Atlas V
11 May 2004Spacehab results Q3 FY2004
04 May 2004AMC-10 initiates service
27 Apr 2004QVC takes C-band capacity on AMC-10
03 Mar 2004NBC Cable Networks sign cable service agreement with SES Americom
06 Feb 2004AMC-10 in orbit -- first ILS launch in 2004 successful
02 Feb 2004AMC-10 pre-launch details
04 Dec 2003E! Networks on AMC-10 and 11
08 Sep 2003AMC-15 launch date set
28 May 2003SES Americom to expand DigitalC platform to AMC-10 and 11
25 Mar 2003Discovery books capacity on AMC-10 and AMC-11
24 Mar 2003AMC-9 on Proton-K/Briz-M
18 Nov 2002Performance-based insurance for SES Americom
18 Jun 2002SES Americom: two launch contracts each for Arianespace, ILS
13 Jun 2002HSN on AMC-10
01 May 2002Hallmark Channel on AMC-11
12 Nov 2001New names for GE satellites
06 Sep 2001GE 10, 11, 18 to be built by Lockheed Martin
04 Sep 2001And yet another customer for GE-10 and 11
17 Aug 2001Yet another customer for GE 10, 11
10 Aug 2001Another customer for GE 10, 11: The Weather Channel
31 Jul 2001C-SPAN on GE 10, 11
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