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Articles in our archive

02 Nov 2007Second Algerian satellite system on schedule
31 Mar 2004DMC satellites reach targeted orbit stations
15 Oct 2003New DMC satellites 'progressing extremely well'
28 Sep 2003Kosmos-3M multi-payload mission successful
15 Sep 2003Three more DMC spacecraft prepare for launch
02 Jun 2003Three SSTL DMC spacecraft complete pre-flight tests
02 Apr 2003First AlSat image released
28 Mar 2003Testing begins for three more DMC spacecraft
09 Dec 2002Listen to Mozhayets
09 Dec 2002AlSat-1 on-orbit tests successful so far
28 Nov 2002Kosmos 3M puts AlSat1 and Mozhayets into orbit
25 Nov 2002Alsat-1 pre-launch details
18 Nov 2002AlSat-1 arrives at Plesetsk
28 Oct 2002Two Baikonur launches in November
05 Jun 2002UK-built microsatellites to monitor disasters
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