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02 Sep 2015Avanti Communications and GRC agree multi-year, multi-region contract
30 Mar 2015Avanti to deliver navigation data broadcast service for Africa
30 Sep 2014NSR report finds satellite operators driving efficiencies via HTS, acquisitions
27 Feb 2014RUAG Space to supply positioning mechanisms for Airbus satellites
29 Oct 2013ESA approves sale of Artemis telecom satellite to Avanti
15 Oct 2013All-electric European satellite comes closer
29 Aug 2013Space laser to prove increased broadband possible
30 Jul 2012ATK extends range of satellite buses
12 Apr 2012Satellite proposed to send solar power to Earth
10 Apr 2012ESA and JAXA sign Astro-H agreement
19 Jul 2011Second ARTEMIS spacecraft enters lunar orbit
12 Jul 2011Ten years after botched launch, Artemis is still working
04 Jul 2011First ARTEMIS spacecraft successfully enters lunar orbit
08 Jun 2011TacSat-3 reaches 2-year anniversary
03 Dec 2010Satellite tracking campaign to test European abilities
28 Oct 2010Two NASA spacecraft begin new exploration assignments
26 Aug 2010Artemis-P1 first to enter new type of orbit
11 Jun 2010Tac Sat-3 completes experimental mission, becomes operational
01 Oct 2009EGNOS finally available - at least partially
02 Sep 2009Rescue plan for Palapa D to be implemented
24 Jun 2009Tactical Satellite-3 completes first month of operations
22 May 2009Tactical Satellite-3 operating smoothly following successful launch
04 May 2009TacSat-3 pre-launch details (III)
20 Apr 2009TacSat-3 pre-launch details
16 Mar 2009Sirius 5 to carry EGNOS payload
09 Mar 2009TAS EspaƱa wins ESA telemetry kit contract
25 Jun 2007TacSat-3: a potential revolution in space-based operational intelligence gathering
15 Jun 2007SES Astra and Verhaert Space to run Redu ground station
11 Jun 2007Raytheon ships ARTEMIS sensor
23 Apr 2007EGNOS for aircraft tested
14 Dec 2006First aircraft-GEO laser link
12 Dec 2006Raytheon delivers 'on demand' sensor to AFRL
01 Dec 2006ESA and JAXA satellites 'talk' to each other
10 Nov 2006EMS Satcom, Vitrociset, Creaction to set up satcom service provider
09 Jun 2006Kirari links with mobile ground station
05 Jun 20064 June 1996: First Ariane 5 explodes after lift-off
11 Apr 2006Kirari talks to ground station via laser beam
09 Dec 2005OICETS, ARTEMIS make two-way laser link in space
25 Nov 2005Kirari loses reaction wheel
13 Sep 2005Swales Aerospace wins USAF contract
19 Aug 2005OICETS, INDEX pre-launch details
30 Jun 2005SILEX : More than 1,000 successful optical links
21 Jun 2005EGNOS system delivered to ESA by industry
07 Jun 2005OICETS arrives at Baikonur
07 Jun 2005Raytheon's awarded contract for satellite demonstration experiment
09 Dec 2003Astrium to build airborne laser optical link demonstrator
27 Oct 2003OICETS talks to ARTEMIS
08 Oct 2003Artemis team receives AIAA's Space Operations & Support Award
13 Jun 2003First EGNOS MCC inaugurated
26 May 2003First EGNOS signal (... really?)
07 Apr 2003ESA and NASDA complete ARTEMIS/ADEOS data relay tests
19 Mar 2003Artemis starts relaying Envisat data
31 Jan 2003Artemis finally reaches operational orbit
07 Jan 2003ESA events in 2003
25 Dec 2002Artemis has only 700 km left
20 Dec 2002ADEOS-II ready for on-orbit testing
29 Nov 2002Software glitch halted Ariane 5 ECA countdown
28 Oct 2002Satellite TV, Internet on European trains
15 Jul 2002Artemis to reach GEO later than expected
17 May 2002Artemis on its way
25 Feb 2002Envisat pre-launch details
20 Feb 2002Artemis on its way
04 Feb 2002Artemis orbit-raising manoeuvres to start
07 Jan 2002Arianespace reduces loss
28 Dec 20012001: drastic decrease of satellite launches
06 Dec 2001Artemis receives picture from Spot 4
21 Nov 2001First laser inter-satellite link
20 Aug 2001H-2A delayed again?
04 Aug 2001Arianespace V142: investigation results on 8 August
26 Jul 2001Artemis successfully parked
20 Jul 2001Artemis recovery has begun
14 Jul 2001Ariane V142: BSAT-2b lost, still hope for Artemis
14 Jul 2001Ariane V142: upper stage performance shortfall
13 Jul 2001Europe backs technology mission
13 Jul 2001Ariane 5 malfunction leaves BSAT-2b, Artemis in wrong orbit
07 Jul 2001Artemis pre-launch details
07 Jul 2001Ariane flight 142 on schedule
12 Jun 2001Intelsat 901
18 May 2001Artemis launch in early summer
16 Feb 2001Artemis on Ariane 5 this year
04 Jan 2001\"European\" launches in 2001
27 Sep 2000Inaugural H-2A to loft dummy satellite
23 Jun 2000Loral stays with H-2A
29 May 2000Quickies
21 Apr 2000H-2A launch further delayed
02 Mar 2000First step towards GNSS-1
24 Mar 1998Spot 4 and the Silex system
06 Jan 1998European space activities in 1998
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