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Articles in our archive

17 Sep 2014CMMB Vision to acquire new satellite capacity
09 Apr 2008WorldSpace receives approval for satellite radio service in Germany
07 Jan 2008Delphi to design new WorldSpace receiver
02 Jan 2008Salah Idris pumps more money into WorldSpace
05 Dec 2007Some WorldSpace channels still available in Europe
18 Jul 2007Certain Fiat cars to be equipped with WorldSpace receivers
30 Jun 2006Sodielec to develop repeater for WorldSpace
30 May 2006WorldSpace to commission satellite uplink station
04 Jan 2006Worldspace gets green light for AfriStar-2
14 Nov 2005WorldSpace buys an Integral EPOCH system
19 Jul 2005XM Satellite Radio invests in WorldSpace
22 Nov 2004Worldspace datacasts
11 Sep 2003Boeing orders another XM payload from Alcatel Space
17 Jun 2003Only one competitor for European satellite radio left
21 May 2003WorldSpace launches government unit
07 May 2003Weather reports out of soldiers' lunch boxes
24 Mar 2003Digital weather reports on AfriStar
05 Sep 2002WorldSpace, Alcatel Space to demonstrate hybrid digital broadcasting network
26 Aug 2002From pirate radio to pay radio
24 Jul 2002NPR plans \"global\" news channel on WorldSpace
14 Feb 2002WorldSpace shelves AmeriStar
17 Jan 2002Oops! WorldSpace loses satellite slot, report
29 Oct 2001WorldSpace buys Radio Voyager
13 Sep 2000AsiaStar operational
09 Aug 2000WorldSpace goes mobile
27 Jul 2000BBC signs WorldSpace contract
06 Mar 2000Francophonie on AfriStar
28 Jan 2000BBC testing on AfriStar
22 Oct 1999WorldSpace officially launches service
05 Jul 1999Bad solar arrays
17 Jun 1999When will WorldSpace ever launch?
19 Mar 1999AfriStar better than expected
12 Feb 1999WorldSpace granted another patent
03 Feb 1999Meet Sheikh Mohammed Hussein Al Amoudi
14 Jan 1999AfriStar flaw
14 Dec 1998WorldSpace radios introduced
18 Nov 1998Satellite radio without listeners
30 Oct 1998Arianespace: five flights in nine weeks
12 Oct 1998Success 1
05 Sep 1998Zambia on satellite
26 Aug 1998WorldSpace signs South African uplink contract
29 Jun 1998Arianespace's satellite roundabout
19 May 1998One more WorldSpace satellite
22 Apr 1998Ankara's Capital Radio on AfriStar
17 Sep 1997Sud FM on AfriStar
28 Jul 1997552 hours of digital radio every day
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