Proton-M lofts Gazprom's Yamal-601 (part I)

(30 May 2019) Rocket: Proton M/Briz M; Payload: Yamal-601; Date: 30 May 2019, 1742 UTC; Launch site: Baikonur, Kazakhstan. Separation of the Yamal 601 satellite from the Briz M upper stage is scheduled more than nine hours into the mission, at 0255 UTC (too late for this issue).

Designed for a 15-year mission, Yamal 601 is Russia's most powerful telecommunications satellite. It will be operated by Gazprom Space Systems, a subsidiary of the Russian oil and gas conglomerate as part of its fleet of Yamal satellites.

Yamal 601 carries eighteen C-band transponders, nineteen Ku-band and 26 Ka-band transponders. From its position at 49 degrees East the satellite will predominantly provide communications across Russia, as well as parts of Europe, southern Asia, North Africa and the Middle East.

Yamal 601 was built by Thales Alenia Space and is based on the company's Spacebus-4000C4 platform. With a mass at launch that was previously reported to be about 5,400 to 5,700 kilograms, the spacecraft is to replace Yamal-202.

Reference:, Spaceflight Now