Payload integration begins for Arianespace Flight VV07

(31 Aug 2016) PerúSAT-1 has been installed in the multi-payload dispenser system that will enable this spacecraft to be launched on Arianespace's upcoming Vega light-lift mission from French Guiana, along with a cluster of satellites for Terra Bella (formerly Skybox Imaging).

The integration activity occurred in the Spaceport's S3B preparation facility, where PerúSAT-1 was installed inside the VESPA dispenser - readying it for positioning as the lower payload on Vega Flight VV07, scheduled for lift-off on 15 September.

VESPA is similar in function to the larger SYLDA dispenser on Ariane 5's heavy-lift launch vehicle. These systems enable multiple payloads to be assembled on a single launcher and orbited in sequence during a mission.

For Flight VV07, the Terra Bella satellites will be released in the second phase of the mission's deployment sequence.

PerúSAT-1 was built by Airbus Defence and Space for Peru's CONIDA national space agency and is outfitted with a silicon carbide optical instrument system to image Earth at 70 cm. resolution. It will serve as the country's first Earth observation satellite, with a lift-off mass of approximately 450 kg.

Reference: Arianespace PR