Summary: 11 Jan 2022 - 16 Jan 2022


Copernicus Sentinel-1B suffers serious anomaly
11 Jan 2022 - Copernicus Sentinel-1B is unavailable since 23 December 2021 at 0653 UTC, no data are being generated. Following the anomaly, resuming of the operations was carefully prepared including on-board configuration changes preventing the anomaly to occur again. >>>

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NewICEYE launches first U.S. built spacecraft
16 Jan 2022 - ICEYE has successfully launched two new SAR satellites into orbit. The launch included the first satellite built, licensed and operated by ICEYE US. Both satellites were launched on the SpaceX Transporter 3 smallsat rideshare mission with Exolaunch from Cape Canaveral, Florida. >>>

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NewUkrainian EO satellite launched aboard Falcon 9
16 Jan 2022 - Among the payloads of the Falcon 9 Transporter 3 launch was the Ukrainian Sich-2-30 satellite for Earth remote sensing. >>>

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NewSen launches first satellite of its UHD video constellation
16 Jan 2022 - Sen announced its first satellite, which will stream Ultra High Definition videos of Earth, is now in orbit. The satellite, ETV-A1, launched aboard the SpaceX Falcon 9 rideshare mission that lifted off from Cape Canaveral Space Force Station on 13 January. >>>

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NewSpaceCloud apps launched into orbit
16 Jan 2022 - SpaceCloud said it headed into orbit as a part of D-Orbit's ION Satellite Carrier onboard SpaceX's Transporter 3 mission that was launched on 13 January from Cape Canaveral, Florida. The mission aims to verify 17 apps, uploading of new ones, and support the on-orbit testing of a hyperspectral camera. >>>

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NewAliena deploys compact satellite engine into space
16 Jan 2022 - Aliena, a tech spin-off from Nanyang Technological University, Singapore (NTU Singapore), has been deployed into space a nanosatellite (NuX-1) fitted with a fuel-efficient engine it has developed. The nanosatellite was sent from the SpaceX Falcon 9's Transporter 3 mission which launched from Cape Canaveral Space Force Station, Florida, USA. >>>

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NewSpaceChain launches blockchain payload
16 Jan 2022 - SpaceChain announced the successful launch mission of its blockchain-enabled payload, integrated with the space node created for Velas Network AG, into space onboard a SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket. >>>

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LauncherOne performs second commercial mission
14 Jan 2022 - Rocket: LauncherOne; Payload: seven smallsats; Date: 14 January 2022, 2139 UTC; Launch site: Mojave Air and Space Port, USA. After a smooth release from its carrier aircraft, the rocket ignited and propelled itself towards space, ultimately deploying its payload into a precise target orbit approximately 500 km above the Earth's surface at 45 degrees inclination. This is the first time that anyone has reached this orbit from the U.S. West Coast. >>>

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SpaceX launches third rideshare mission
13 Jan 2022 - Rocket: Falcon 9; Payload: Transporter 3 (105 smallsats); Date: 13 January 2022, 1525 UTC; Launch site: Cape Canaveral Space Force Station, USA. The satellites were deployed into a roughly 525-kilometer polar Sun-synchronous orbit. >>>

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Kleos' Patrol Mission satellites delayed to April
13 Jan 2022 - Kleos Space S.A. announced the Kleos Patrol Mission (KSF2) satellites, planned to launch in January 2022, have been remanifested to launch on the SpaceX Transporter-4 mission scheduled for April 2022. >>>

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Qualification testing of Cryogenic Engine for Gaganyaan Programme
12 Jan 2022 - On 12 January, ISRO successfully conducted the qualification test of Cryogenic Engine for Gaganyaan programme for a duration of 720 seconds at ISRO Propulsion Complex (IPRC), Mahendragiri, Tamil Nadu, India. >>>


NuX-1 IoT satellite of Singapore's NuSpace integrated by Exolaunch
12 Jan 2022 - NuSpace Pte. Ltd., a leading Singaporean space tech startup with a focus on IoT connectivity and data platform services, and Exolaunch announced a launch agreement for NuX-1 aboard the SpaceX Transporter-3 mission. >>>

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Virgin Orbit opens launch window for 'Above The Clouds'
11 Jan 2022 - The launch window for Virgin Orbit's third commercial flight,Above the Clouds, opens this on 12 January 2022. The spacecraft to be launched to Low Earth Orbit at 500 km circular orbit at 45 degrees inclination for this mission includes satellites for the U.S. Department of Defense's Space Test Program, Polish company SatRevolution, and Spire Global, Inc. >>>

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Vega C to launch FLEX and ALTIUS
11 Jan 2022 - Arianespace and the European Space Agency ESA have signed a contract to secure the launch of FLEX and ALTIUS on Vega C, from Europe's Spaceport mid-2025. >>>

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NewLoft Orbital orders more than fifteen Arrow satellite platforms from Airbus
16 Jan 2022 - Airbus has been contracted to supply space start-up Loft Orbital with more than fifteen satellite platforms derived from the Airbus Arrow platform. Arrow is the foundational satellite platform of the OneWeb constellation. >>>

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Thales Alenia Space to build Intelsat 41 and Intelsat 44
12 Jan 2022 - Thales Alenia Space has signed a contract with Intelsat to deliver two Space Inspire software defined satellites, Intelsat 41 (IS-41) and Intelsat 44 (IS-44). >>>

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NASA's new IXPE mission begins science operations
12 Jan 2022 - Having spent just over a month in space, NASA's Imaging X-ray Polarimetry Explorer (IXPE) is working and already zeroing in on some of the hottest, most energetic objects in the universe. >>>

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Airbus to develop PMAS system for Lunar Gateway module
11 Jan 2022 - Airbus Crisa, an affiliate company of Airbus, has signed a contract for the development of the Power Management and Distribution (PMAD) system for the Habitation and Logistics Outpost (HALO) with Northrop Grumman. >>>

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Astroscale U.S. and Orbit Fab sign first on-orbit satellite fuel sale agreement
11 Jan 2022 - Orbit Fab, the Gas Stations in Space refuelling service provider and Astroscale U.S. Inc. announced a commercial agreement to refuel Astroscale's Life Extension In-Orbit (LEXI) Servicer in geostationary orbit (GEO); LEXI is the first satellite designed to be refuelled. >>>

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SES Government Solutions launches on-demand X-band service platform
13 Jan 2022 - SES Government Solutions, a wholly-owned subsidiary of SES, announced the launch of tactiXs, a mission-specific managed service platform in partnership with Network Innovations and GovSat, a public-private joint venture between the Government of Luxembourg and SES. >>>



Manufacturing revenues for EO to grow to US$76.1 billion by 2030
13 Jan 2022 - Euroconsult has released its "Earth Observation Satellite Systems Market" report, providing a review analysis of the Earth Observation (EO) upstream ecosystem and breaking down government and commercial programmes. >>>