Summary: 14 Oct 2014 - 20 Oct 2014


New ...and yet another Yaogan launch
20 Oct 2014 - Rocket: Chang Zheng 4C; Payload: Yaogan 22; Date: 20 October 2014, 0631 UTC; Launch site: Taiyuan Satellite Launch Center, China. The satellite was put into a 1196 km x 1208 km x 100 degrees solar-synchronous orbit. >>>

U.S. Air Force's X-37B space plane lands in California
17 Oct 2014 - The U.S. military landed its X-37B robotic space plane at Vandenberg Air Force Base in central California on Friday, ending a classified 22-month mission that marked the third in Earth orbit for the experimental programme, the U.S. Air Force said. >>>

Boeing concludes commercial crew agreement for CST-100/Atlas V
17 Oct 2014 - Boeing has successfully completed the final milestone of its Commercial Crew Integrated Capability (CCiCap) Space Act Agreement with NASA. The work and testing completed under the agreement resulted in significant maturation of Boeing's crew transportation system, including the CST-100 spacecraft and Atlas V rocket. >>>

Ariane 5 lofts Intelsat 30, ARSAT 1
16 Oct 2014 - Rocket: Ariane 5 ECA; Payload: Intelsat 30 (ISDLA-1), ARSAT 1; Date: 16 October 2014, 2143 UTC; Launch site: Kourou, French Guiana. Both spacecraft were successfully deployed into geostationary transfer orbits. >>>

Update: India successfully launches third navigation satellite
16 Oct 2014 - ISRO's Polar Satellite Launch Vehicle, PSLV-C26, successfully launched IRNSS-1C, the third satellite in the Indian Regional Navigation Satellite System (IRNSS) from Satish Dhawan Space Centre, Sriharikota. It was the twenty seventh consecutively successful mission of PSLV. The 'XL' configuration of PSLV was used for this mission. Previously, the same configuration of the vehicle was successfully used six times. >>>

Delay of the day: Antares/ORB 3
16 Oct 2014 - Due to the impending arrival of Hurricane Gonzalo on the island of Bermuda, where an essential tracking site used to ensure public safety during Antares launches is located, the previously announced "no earlier than" (NET) launch date of 24 October for the Orb-3 CRS mission to the International Space Station for NASA is no longer feasible. >>>

NASA soil moisture mapper arrives at launch site
16 Oct 2014 - The Soil Moisture Active Passive (SMAP) spacecraft arrived Wednesday at its launch site on California's central coast after travelling from NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) in Pasadena, California. The spacecraft will undergo final tests and then be integrated on top of a United Launch Alliance Delta II rocket in preparation for a planned launch on 29 January 2015. >>>

India successfully launches third navigation satellite
15 Oct 2014 - Rocket: PSLV-C26 (XL); Payload: IRNSS-1C; Date: 15 October 2014, 2002 UTC; Launch site: Satish Dhawan Space Center, India. The satellite was deployed into its target orbit 21 minutes after lift-off. The mission used the largest version of the PSLV with six strap-on boosters. >>>

Initial Ariane 5 assembly is completed for December mission
14 Oct 2014 - Basic build-up of the Ariane 5 for Arianespace's sixth heavy-lift flight of 2014 is complete for a mission scheduled from French Guiana in early December with two geostationary orbit relay satellites. >>>


New Aerojet Rocketdyne to provide power, propulsion for 2020 Mars rover
20 Oct 2014 - Aerojet Rocketdyne recently received a contract from NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory to supply the thrusters that would help land the next rover on Mars after it is launched in 2020. >>>

New Russia to launch 9 military communications satellites by 2020
20 Oct 2014 - The Russian military will launch nine new communications satellites by 2020, a senior military commander was quoted as saying. >>>

TAS to study interface between Cosmo-SkyMed, CSO systems
17 Oct 2014 - In the frame of the MUSIS (MUltinational Space-based Imaging System) programme, Thales Alenia Space Italia has signed a contract with OCCAR-EA (Organisation for Joint Armament Cooperation), called MUSIS Federating Activities Phase B2, which aims at providing the customers with the definition of the CIL (Common Interoperability Layer). >>>

Measat-3b officially handed over
16 Oct 2014 - Airbus Defence and Space has successfully concluded in-orbit trials with Measat-3b. One month after launch, the satellite is now ready to enter commercial service and has been officially handed over to its operator, Measat. >>>

Airbus DS signs MetOp-SG prime contract with ESA
16 Oct 2014 - Airbus Defence and Space has signed the formal contracts with the European Space Agency (ESA) to design and build the second generation of Meteorological Operational (MetOp-SG) satellites. Covering the design and build of six spacecraft, these contracts are worth a total of €1.3 billion. >>>

Galileo satellites healthy in wrong orbit
16 Oct 2014 - On 27-28 September, the two satellites launched on 22 August were handed over from ESA's Space Operations Centre, ESOC, in Darmstadt, Germany, to the Galileo Control Centre, Oberpfaffenhofen, which will care for them pending a final decision on their use. >>>

Intelsat 30, ARSAT-1 pre-launch details
15 Oct 2014 - The fifth Arianespace Ariane 5 flight in 2014 has been given the "go" for its lift-off on 16 October between 2300 and 0051 UTC following a successful launch readiness review, conducted at the Spaceport in French Guiana. >>>

Lockheed Martin awarded contract for SBIRS GEO-5 and -6 payloads
15 Oct 2014 - Northrop Grumman Corporation has been awarded a $422 million contract from Lockheed Martin to produce sensor payloads on the fifth and sixth Space Based Infrared System (SBIRS) Geosynchronous Earth Orbit (GEO) satellites, known as GEO-5 and GEO-6. The U.S. Air Force's SBIRS provides the nation with continuous early warning of ballistic missile launches and other tactical intelligence. >>>

SNC awarded satellite contract by U.S. Department of Defense
15 Oct 2014 - Sierra Nevada Corporation (SNC) announced SNC's Space Systems based in Louisville, Colorado, has been competitively selected to develop and build a next-generation science and technology demonstration satellite. Known as STPSat-5, the satellite is for the U.S. Department of Defense's (DOD) Space Test Program (STP). >>>

GPIM mission to host three U.S. DoD space experiments
15 Oct 2014 - The NASA and Ball Aerospace & Technologies Corp. Green Propellant Infusion Mission (GPIM) will fly three U.S. Defense Department experimental hosted payloads when it launches in 2016. GPIM's mission will validate a non-toxic fuel for future satellite missions, which could replace hydrazine and provide additional performance benefits. >>>

Progress on CubeSat proximity operations demonstration
14 Oct 2014 - Tyvak Nano-Satellite Systems, Inc. announced that it successfully completed the development of the Cubesat Proximity Operations Demonstration (CPOD) vehicles and has officially received the approval to continue into the Vehicle Assembly Integration and Testing (AI&T) Phase. >>>

Europa CubeSat proposals selected for study
14 Oct 2014 - NASA has chosen proposals from 10 universities to study CubeSat concepts that could enhance a Europa mission concept currently under study by NASA. >>>


SNC wants work under CCtCap contracts to stop
17 Oct 2014 - Sierra Nevada Corp. filed a federal lawsuit to stop work under the CCtCap contracts awarded by NASA while a bid protest is under way, the company's vice president said. >>>


Orbital Sciences Corporation results Q3 2014
16 Oct 2014 - Orbital Sciences Corporation reported its financial results for the third quarter of 2014. >>>


iSAT Africa to use C-band capacity on Africasat-1a
15 Oct 2014 - Measat Satellite Systems Sdn. Bhd. announced an agreement with iSAT Africa Ltd. Fzc. ("iSAT") for capacity on the Africasat-1a satellite. >>>





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